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Hands-on diagnosis and treatment, physical therapy, and enrichment

DrSid facilitates willing pharmaceutical-free health in pets and horses

Farm.TV original video: Appreciating Horses
Dr Gustafson summarizes the principles of equine behavior from the horse's social perspective, professionally produced by the horse-savvy journalists and film-makers at farm.tv

DrSid offers a variety of horse and dog behavior presentations and hands-on demonstrations. This video presents the basics. Other equine behavior presentations focus on how horsefolk can best develop willing partnerships with horses, including natural strategies to enrich horses so they learn and perform at their best.

Feline Veterinary Care
Sid's latest novel
The Flood of 1964. Swift Dam celebrates the native land and the Natives who survive as they have survived throughout time, perilously. It is the story of a veterinarian who attempts to sustain and nurture life on the land, his empathy with the living, and his sympathy for the dead and dying.
Dr Gustafson's Equine Behavior Educational Services
Horse Behaviour, The Language of Horses, Resolving Unwelcome Behaviors in Horses, Ethical Care of the Horse, The Merging of Horses and Humans
Equine Behaviour
The merging of dogs and horses and humans.
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Outback Montana Wilderness Novel