Equine Behavior demonstrations and presentations, appreciating the nature of horses.

Contact Dr Gustafson to schedule a talk, give a presentation atop a horse, or teach a class regarding equine behavior and horsemanship for your horse group, guest ranch, working ranch, equine association, school, or equine event at 406-581-4946, or email him at DrSid@​mac.com for more information.
This website has various links to his papers, talks, and videos on the welfare and behavior of horses. DrSid also teaches the history, domestication, and evolution of the horse for a variety of audiences from children to horsefolk to veterinarians.

DrSid teaches equine behaviour at Guelph University. He represents the health and welfare of racehorses in Washington, New York, and California. He lives in Big Sky, MT seasonally, where he practices veterinary medicine. He is available for private veterinary consultations, group presentations, educational courses, veterinary services, and horseback demonstrations.

The Language of Horses

Physical therapy, holistic care

Shared sociality, DrSid and his family journeying atop horses as mankind has long journeyed. Learn about equine behavior, domestication, and the current state of horsemanship straight from the horse's mouth! Schedule DrSid to entertain your horse people and horses.

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Sid's latest novel
The Flood of 1964. Swift Dam celebrates the native land and the Natives who survive as they have survived throughout time, perilously. It is the story of a veterinarian who attempts to sustain and nurture life on the land, his empathy with the living, and his sympathy for the dead and dying.
Dr Gustafson's Equine Behavior Educational Services
Horse Behaviour, The Language of Horses, Resolving Unwelcome Behaviors in Horses, Ethical Care of the Horse, The Merging of Horses and Humans
Equine Behaviour
The merging of dogs and horses and humans.
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