Appropriate kitten socialization and development strategies!
Reduce anesthetic dentistries with our feline oral health plans!
Kidney health plans.
Hydration plans.
Home care.
Graceful Aging.
Hyperthyroidism therapy.
Asthma therapy.
Pre-travel relaxation strategies, vomit-free transport.
Infectious disease diagnosis and treatment.
Drug free flea and heartworm prevention.
Tapeworm treatment and prevention.
Paw reparation surgery.
We are a member of the Paws Project.
It is medically and morally unethical to declaw cats.

Dr Gustafson's is dedicated to appropriate antibiotic use.

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Montana Feline ~ The Bozeman Cat Veterinarian ~ (406) 581-4946

Natural Approaches to Feline Prosperity
We are your local Montana feline friendly veterinary people.
All veterinary services are catered to the comfort and well-being of your cat.
Healing the cats of Gallatin County since 1983 in a low stress fashion!

We specialize in prevention of fear, anxiety and pain in treating cats.
Kitten nutrition, enrichment, development, and training.
Pain and fear management always first.
Behavior, Nutrition, Medicine, Surgery, and Dentistry.
We bond with all of our cat patients!
Appropriate behavioral stress management.
Natural approaches to feline health, welfare, and prosperity!
Behavioral development and socialization.
Enrichment and fulfillment strategies. Carrier training.
Feline behavior services. Resolution of unwelcome behaviors.

Nutritional healing.
Diabetes prevention and nutritional management.
Home care. Home care support. Home laboratory sampling.
Dermatology, Cardiology, Digestion, Ophthalmology.
Physical therapy. Acupuncture. Immunizations.
House calls.
Reduced-stress transportation services and travel training.
In home bloodwork sampling.
Drug-free heartworm & flea prevention for Bozeman and Livingston cats.

Never any unnecessary procedures. Safe gas anesthesia only when necessary!

We help foster willing partnerships between feline guardians and their cats to minimize the stress of veterinary care.

We offer non-oral treatment regimens.
Telemedicine is available for all of our registered patients and clients with whom we have established a Veterinarian/Client/Patient/Relationship.

Healing the cats of Gallatin County since 1983!

Vaccination is a medical procedure, and the decision to vaccinate, even with core vaccines, is based on a risk/​benefit assessment for your cat regarding each vaccine antigen, vaccine type, and dosage. Vaccination may indeed be beneficial, but feline vaccination is not innocuous.

The benefit of vaccinating must be balanced against the risk of adverse events as a result of vaccination or over-vaccination. The decision to vaccinate is based on the likelihood of exposure to the pathogen based on the cat's living situation and location, the likelihood of instilling a beneficial immunity, the presence of a current immunity, and the bona fide presence of the pathogen in the community.

In the United States, there are millions more owned cats than owned dogs, yet cats visit veterinarians less frequently than dogs. A major reason is that it is very stressful to take cats to the veterinary practice and often owners believe their cat doesn't need routine check-ups for wellness and preventive care. The Cat Friendly PracticeŽ (CFP) program, created by feline practitioners, provides a solution to this trend and provides an opportunity for veterinary practices to elevate care for cats and reduce the stress during the visit.

As an ethical practice, we do not declaw kittens or cats. The declawing surgery is unprofessional and unethical, as it often results in a lifetime of unpleasant and unwelcome behaviors.
We offer claw management education, claw clipping training and instruction, and behavioral fulfillment of clawing cats. Cats require claws for physical and behavioral health.

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