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Bozeman Veterinary Clinic

Holistic veterinary care and behavioral therapy for cats and horses.
Developing willing, happy, and healthy relationships between animals and their guardians.
Human Animal Bond Certification

Office Consults and Examinations
Telemedicine — Phone and Skype Consults

406 581 4946

The Human Animal Bond always comes first in Sid's veterinary practice.

Gentle Veterinary Care for Cats

Natural approaches to feline health, welfare, and prosperity!

Cat-sensitive, pheromone-enriched examination and treatment environments.

In diagnosing and resolving feline illness and injury, we emphasize the prevention of fear, anxiety and pain via our low-stress assessment, diagnosis, and treatment techniques. Dr Gustafson is a feline behavior specialist. Phone and Skype consults are available for cats who do not transport happily.

Behavior, Nutrition, Medicine, Surgery, and Dentistry.
First, do no harm. We do not declaw cats.
No Unecessary Surgeries, Medications, Vaccinations, parasite-preventatives or procedures.

Vaccination is a medical procedure, and the decision to vaccinate, even with core vaccines, is based on a risk/benefit assessment for your cat regarding each vaccine antigen, vaccine type, and dosage. Vaccination may indeed be beneficial, but feline vaccination is not innocuous.
The benefit of vaccinating must be balanced against the risk of adverse events as a result of vaccination or over-vaccination. The decision to vaccinate is based on the likelihood of exposure to the pathogen based on the cat's living situation and location, the likelihood of instilling a beneficial immunity, the presence of a current immunity, and the bona fide presence of the pathogen in the community.

Member of the Society of Veterinary Medical Ethics