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Published Works

Sid Gustafson

Published novels:

PRISONERS OF FLIGHT debut novel, The Permanent Press, Sag Harbor, NY— literary fiction 2003 ISBN 1-57962-088-4

HORSES THEY RODE Second novel, Riverbend Publishing
publication Fall ’06, literary fiction ISBNs 13: 978-1-931832-74-8, ISBN 10: 1-931832-74-9, finalist for HIGH PLAINS BOOK OF THE YEAR, 2007

SWIFT DAM, Third novel, Open Books. March 2016, literary fiction, history fiction, Flood of '64.
ISBN: 978-0-692621-02-8
ISBN: 0-692621-02-4


CANINE FIELD MEDICINE, spring 2016, Wilderness Medical Kits.
FIRST AID FOR THE ACTIVE DOG a guidebook, Alpine Publications, Loveland, CO 2003 ISBN 1-57779-055-3

FICTION ANTHOLOGIES: Letterpress editions



THE SUSPENSE OF LONELINESS, TEARDROPS, short fiction, Letterpress Edition, Birchbrook Press, Delhi, NY


STORIES OF THE FORLORN, Letterpress Edition, Birchbrook Press, Delhi, NY ISBN 0-913559-83-0


TALES FOR THE TRAIL SEQUEL, short fiction, ADVENTURES IN AIR, LAND, AND WATER, Letterpress Edition, , Birchbrook Press, Delhi, NY ISBN 0-913559-85-7


FRESH FICTION FOR FRESH WATER FISHING, short fiction, DOLLY DICK, Letterpress edition, Birchbrook, ISBN 0-913559-84-9

Poetry Anthologies:

ISBN: 0979518504
"The Big Open" (Ingomar Montana)
Many Voices Press

SPRINGSPRUNG, Ariel XVII, Poetry Anthology of Triton College, Chicago, IL National winner, Salute to the Arts Poetry Competition, 1999, "SpringSprung"

Washington State University Pullman, WA
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, ‘79
BS Veterinary Science, cum laude '76

Psi Zeta, Alpha Psi Veterinary Honor Societies

Human/Animal Bond Certified Veterinary Practitioner

PUBLISHED SHORT STORIES AND POETRY in literary and regional magazines, a partial listing:
WHISTLE, Montana Quarterly Magazine, Winter 2015, fiction
LAKE PEOPLE, Montana Quarterly Magazine, The Water Issue, Spring 2014, fiction
HONING IN, Outside Bozeman, Magazine, Fall 2013
Time Leaps, poetry, Outside Bozeman magazine, fall 2010
Searching for Montana Horseracing, Big Sky Journal, SUMMER 2009
THE COLOR OF ELK, Big Sky Journal, Fall 2007
TIME, short fiction, Big Sky Journal, Bozeman, MT Winter 2005
THE BIG DRY, short fiction, Big Sky Journal, Bozeman, MT Winter 2004
1973, short fiction, Thema Magazine, Thema Literary Society, Metarie, LA fall 2003
UNVANQUISHED, short fiction, Thema Magazine, Thema Literary Society, New Orleans, LA summer 2003, ISSN 1041-4851 Nominated for the 2004 Pushcart Prize
PRISONERS OF FLIGHT, short fiction, Thema Magazine, Thema Literary Society, New Orleans, LA, Autumn 1999. Nominated for the 2000 Pushcart Prize.
AGE, fiction, Inkwell Magazine, Manhattenville College, Purchase, NY May 2000
HI-LINE, fiction, spring 2003, Thema Magazine, New Orleans, LA
HONEYMOON, fiction, Zone 3 Literary Magazine, spring 2003
THE COLOR OF ELK, fiction, BIG SKY JOURNAL featured fiction, Autumn 2007, October publication
PLUME, prose poetry, The School of Southern Literature,
BRAKEMAN, fiction, Montana Crossroads Magazine, Livingston, MT 1997

Horseracing Journalism--New York Times--The Rail

Sorrin Gunnar Gustafson
DOB December 16, 2018
Son of Jessy and Connor

Momma Jessy, Papa Connor, Sorrin, Aunt Nina, Alex, Grandpa Sid

Brief biography of Sid Gustafson's namesake uncle, Sid Gustafson.

"They brought his body down off of the hill on the back of a mule. He loved to go on pack trips as a young man, and it was a fitting way to bring his body off of the battle field. According to his friend Ed Bailey, who was in Africa with him, Sid took out the first machine gun nest that he encountered, but the Germans had another nearby machine gun nest that was located nearby to cover the nest he attacked. He was hit by fire from that location. His commanding officer told me that when they finally took that hill, it was a very strategic location. Sid's efforts helped them overtake that hill."
Brief biography of the last day of life of my namesake Uncle Sid, killed in WWII, written by Erik Raymond Gustafson.
Lt. Luther Sidney Gustafson was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by General George Patton for his extraordinary heroism in the Battle of Tunisia and the Purple Heart. General Giraud of the Corps Franc d’Afrique, whose troops also served with Lt. Gustafson, awarded Lt. Gustafson the second highest honor of the French Army, the “Croix des Militaires Volantaires”. Less than two (2) weeks later, on May 9, 1943, the Allied Forces took Tunisia, the final North African objective of Operation Torch.
Sid is buried in Tunisia along with 500 other men from the 2nd Army Corps. My brother Erik and I hope to visit his grave before we end up in ours.

"They brought his body down off of the hill on the back of a mule. He loved to go on pack trips as a young man, and it was a fitting way to bring his body off of the battle field."

The President of the United States takes pride in presenting the Distinguished Service Cross (Posthumously) to Luther Sidney Gustafson (0-446806), Second Lieutenant (Infantry), U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy while serving with the 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division, in action against enemy forces on 28 April 1943, in the Battle of Tunisia. During the advance of Lieutenant Gustafson's battalion on Hill 382, he led a combat patrol to secure this position. When the patrol came under intense enemy machine gun fire, Lieutenant Gustafson deployed them to form an effective firing line while he made a personal reconnaissance of the emplacement. Locating the guns, he single-handedly attacked it with grenades and pistol and silenced it. During this heroic action, Lieutenant Gustafson lost his life, but his fearless leadership and spirit of self-sacrifice so inspired his men that they held their position until reinforcements were brought up. Second Lieutenant Gustafson's intrepid actions, personal bravery and zealous devotion to duty at the cost of his life, exemplify the highest traditions of the military forces of the United States and reflect great credit upon himself, the 9th Infantry Division, and the United States Army.
Headquarters, Seventh U.S. Army, General Orders No. 31 (1943)
Born: at Rapelje, Montana
Home Town: Gallatin County, Montana