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581-4946 Montana 



Hello, Here is my healing appointment calendar. Consults can be done via email, phone, zoom, or in person. A prepaid fee is required after our initial visit of the health or behavioral problem. Depending on the extent and type of treatment or advise anticipated, an estimate is given, and if agreed, paid online.

In person exams are required if short-term medication or injectable medical treatments need to be part of the solution. Physical therapy, spinal adjustments, and acupuncture are available. I teach many willing guardians how to provide easily administered physical therapy. Daily effective dental care is provided via facial massage. Non-anesthetic dental cleanings on properly habituated and prepared pets is avialable.

* For those with limited resources, I accept clinic/animal work for payment, including indoor and outclinic cleaning and organization, painting. Outdoor perimeter fencing (posts are all in) and tree limb care are current projects. 920 South Church Avenue is situated pleasantly alongside Peets Hill. The large two-entrance parking lot is directly ACROSS from Ice Pond Rd/Church intersection! No signs at this clinic, and no walk-ins please, as we are cat-friendly, and cats do not like surprises.  Thank you, Sid

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